Episode 2

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2nd Jan 2020

Day 2 - January 2, 2020 - Affirmations

Day: 002

Date: Thursday, Jan. 2, 2020

Note from Aimee J.You will do amazing today!

Topic: Gratitude

Action: In the mirror, tell yourself at least one affirmation. You are welcome to use the ones below. Say as many affirmations as you need.


You are Awesome.
You are Loved.
You are Needed. And most importantly,

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Good day fam. It is Aimee J. Today is Thursday, January 2nd, 2020 happy day to you guys. We made it through 2019 is in the past. We are a day into or now a day in some change into 2020 how exciting is that? So yesterday you guys, we talked about gratitude. Gratitude was something for you to remember your blessings to remind yourself of how thankful you are. What is it you are grateful for, what is it you're thankful for? And the lesson and message was, please tell me, tell yourself three things you are grateful for. It doesn't have to be public. Right? Yesterday I shared mine. You don't have to keep things public in this day and age. People think they have to put it on social media. Absolutely not. You guys are more than welcome to keep it to yourself. Tell yourself what are three things today on this January 2nd that you are grateful for?

Three new things guys. Three new things. And if you keep a journal, write it down. Keep it for yourself. You don't have to put it out there in the world. If you want to. Cool, do you. But you don't have to. So in order to kind of keep with it, three things I am grateful for on this January 2nd one, I was able to wake up very thankful for that. Got a good night's sleep. Blessed. Two, I am grateful for being able to eat, uh, from, uh, I think it's the great cheesesteak company in Columbia mall there's a cheesteak place. I can't remember the name, but I had an amazing banging chicken, chicken, cheese steak and I'm thankful for that. Three, I am thankful for, uh, my coworkers. I have a day job and I love the people I work with. They make work, make it worth coming into the day.

So what are, what, what are three things you are grateful for? So that's, that was yesterday's. But I wanted to keep that practice of gratitude because it's very important. It changes your mindset as you go about your day. Today I want to talk about affirmations. A lot of you may be thinking that's some woo woo stuff Aimee, what are you talking about? But in actuality, research has found that affirmations can change your life. Studies have been done. I'm not quoting them. Go ahead and find the research. I've seen it, I've done it, I've learned from it, and I believe in it. And that's one of the reasons I started this podcast and Alexa skill is to remind you guys of affirmations that you should tell yourself. So even if I'm not here, if you're not listening to this podcast, I want you to say a few affirmations to yourself. I've seen it work in people I have mentored and coached where they've been going through a struggle in a difficult time in school, in college. And what I said was, I want you to look in the mirror. I want you to tape this up to the wall. And every day I want you to say, I can do it. I am doing my best, and that's okay.

I, and in whatever the end goal was, you know, I see myself as doctor so and so. I will soon be Jane DOE, PhD, whatever it is, guys, you have to speak positively and affirm these thoughts and actions in your mind. Otherwise, it's going to be a struggle to believe. When we say affirmations, they cement it within ourself and reinforce the belief within us. Affirmations could be any, anything, right? There is no one affirmation that you can only say. Say what you need for yourself, what works for you, what is an affirmation you need to tell yourself. For some people it's I am beautiful. For some people it's I am worthy. What is it you need to say? Because all of those are true, but some of us need to remind ourselves of that, right? Everyone listening to this podcast is worthy. Everyone listening to this podcast and Alexa skill is beautiful.

You are. You absolutely are. Everything you see on TV is not the only beautiful thing in the world. You guys are just as beautiful. Right? So what are affirmations that you need to say at the end of the show? I say some affirmations to remind you guys of how awesome, loved, needed you are. But the biggest affirmation for me in 2020, my theme for 2020 I have a theme every year. Um, last year's was embrace your fears. This year my theme, which happens to be an affirmation is "I am enough." That's it. I have to remind myself that I am enough. Is that your affirmation? Do you need to hear that? And that's okay. There is no right or wrong. Your affirmations may differ from the next person. That's okay. Here's some affirmations for you guys to listen to here and see if it works for you. If it does, write it down. Take it doesn't matter. What is it you need to hear and remind yourself cause they're all true. I am kind. I speak with kindness. I am happy. And you know, given your state, it may be different for each person. You may be going through a tough time. So it's, I am strong. I can do it. I work hard. I believe in me. I do my best. I am smart. These are different affirmations you guys can tell yourself, hands down. Okay? So tell yourself not only the gratitude each day, tell yourself when you wake up, look in that mirror, tell yourself, I am the best. I am worthy. I am loved. I work hard. Whatever you gotta do, you tell yourself in that mirror, I want you to do that every day till January 7th. I'd prefer doing it for the year. Let's slowly take it, right. So when you listen to this podcast, you're going to hear affirmations at the end because that's important. I want to make sure you guys hear at least the bare minimum, which is what I say at the end of this episode. So, um, before I wrap up real quick, this is all new still learning. So do check us out. Um, send feedback. Always welcome, always appreciated. You can reach me at aimee@yourpersonalhypeman.com.

We are also found at yourpersonalhypeman.com. If you want to listen to past episodes soon will be on iTunes and Stitcher and all that stuff. But we're being reviewed at the moment. But we are an Alexa skill that is live. We are on the podcast page, which is at yourpersonalhypeman and if you guys have questions or thoughts or you want to call in, we can add that well, it's a very short, daily episode. There's only so much we're doing, but you can reach me and leave a voicemail if you like, at aimeej21.com/askaimee. And Aimee is spelled A I M E E for those who are unsure or didn't know. So guys uh, I love these moments. I love these conversations. I hope it's helpful for you. Before I let you go, I have to remind you that you are awesome. You are loved, you are needed, and most importantly, you are enough. So until tomorrow when we check back in, don't stop. Keep chasing.

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