Episode 14

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14th Jan 2020

Day 14 - January 14, 2020 - Okay if you're not Okay

Day: 014

Date: Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2020

Note from Aimee J.If you’re having a rough period, keep hanging in there. This too shall pass. You can do it!

Topic: Okay if you’re not Okay.

Podcast Note: I said the wrong date, my bad! It’s Tuesday, Jan. 14th, 2020. J

Action: If you’re feeling down, going through a rough period, or just wish the day was over, I want you to take at least one hour and do something for yourself that you enjoy. You deserve some self-care.


You’re a Trooper.
You’re Resilient.
You’re a Fighter.


You are Awesome.
You are Loved.
You are Needed. And most importantly,

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Hey fam, it's your girl, Aimee J., Your personal hype man here today as your friend to check and see how are you doing? How is it going? I just want to check in because sometimes I think we think that we have to be 100%. That we have to always be on. That we have to be doing well and it's tough. There are some days you just don't want to get out of bed. There are some days where things just aren't going well and you're tired of putting on a face and guys, I want to let you know that's okay. There is nothing wrong with you when you feel that way, it's normal. We all go through that. What I want you to do though is to take care of yourself. When you feel that feeling, when you're going through that moment and those motions recognize that and know that you need to take some self-care.

You need some time to do and take self-care. Today is Tuesday, January 13th, 2020 and I just felt like that was important to share with you. It's one of those things I think, you know, especially for me, I've always been a people person, a people pleaser. And being on has been something I do. It's something I am as well. But you know, it's hard sometimes to take away from natural to when you're faking it, right? And there's some days where you're just tired. You just not in the mood. Right? And it's for both sexes, both genders, males, females, boys, girls. We all go through this. This isn't restricted to one over another. And it's for all ages too. Kids have it. Teens have it, young adults, adults, the elderly, we all go through it. So don't deny yourself the fact that it's, it could be happening to you with this very day.

And you know, there are things that affect that being stuck in an office or a room with no windows or you don't see sun a lot, right? You're down there all your, you could be there and just be depressed. It can happen. You're like, man, there's just nothing. People aren't energized by that. That's why it's important to go outside. That's important to see and meet other people. That's why it's important to have moments where you just walk away from your current situation and it's important to not be stuck in meetings all day. You need to see the sun, you need to see other folks. So keep that in mind. There are things that can affect how you're doing. It's not always just you, it's circumstances. It's your surroundings. These are all things that play a part on your mental health. That's what it all comes down to you guys.

That's why taking self-care is important. When you start to feel poorly, take some time for yourself. Do something that makes you smile. Do something that makes you happy, eat your favorite food. Do any of that to make yourself feel better. But when it all comes down to it, if you need to, I'm telling you, if you need to get professional help, there is no shame in doing that. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. There are plenty of resources out there for you to do that. Mental Health America is one of those resources and it's an organization I support. Um, every year on my birthday, I try to raise money, at least for the past two years. Probably for this year too. We'll see, um, for the work that they do, they do free mental health screenings for people. And one of those tests can help you. Just because you might be feeling something in your head just because you're going through something.

Anxiety, depression, bipolar, these are all things that are happening to each of us in different ways, at different times, at different points of our life. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. You are still enough. You are still okay. What's important though is that you get help with it, right? When you cut your arm and it's bleeding, you don't just let it keep bleeding. When you see that there's something wrong, you put a bandaid, you wash it, you take care of it. It's the same thing that goes with your mental health. And when you're not feeling 100%, you gotta take care of yourself. So I wanna make sure you guys understand that. Take care of yourself. I'll put some resources in the description in the show notes, so be sure to check that out if you need to. I just wanted to check in and see how you guys were doing.

That's all it is today. How are you doing? It's okay if you're not 100%. Jjust make sure you take some time at some point today to help get you back towards 100% you may not get there by the end of the day, but with some rest and some take care activities, you'll get there, right? Cause you, you're a trooper, you're resilient, you're a fighter and you're just, you're awesome. Each of us is an individual and we'll talk about this later, but you are needed in this world. You are too awesome. You are too loved, you are needed in this world and most importantly guys, as I always tell you, you are enough as you are. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Each of us is unique and each of us is enough the way we are and how we decide we are. All right, so keep that in mind until next time when we check back in, you know, that's tomorrow. Remember, Don't stop, Keep Chasing.

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